I have never known a time when I wasn't making something - sewing, knitting, painting, or any number of other arts and crafts. It wasn't until I needed some electives for college that I took my first pottery class. In pursuing my degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Art, I was encouraged to take various art classes, but none touched my heart like the pottery classes did.

After graduation, I had no studio accessible to continue making pottery, but I could occasionally get in some painting time. Marriage, kids and my job took up most of my time.  I looked forward to retirement from my day job so I could make pottery and paint full time. After the kids grew up and left home, my husband gave me a potter's wheel one Christmas, followed by a kiln for my birthday. I haven't stopped making pottery since!

Soon I was running out of friends and family members to give pottery to, so I started selling at local shows in Alabama, where we relocated for 10 years because of my job.  Finally, I was able to retire in 2016.  We moved home to Mississippi and built a new house and studio where I now make pottery and paint full time. I am truly blessed.